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My career path

These Touch For Health courses, basic modules of kinesiology, are given in Luxembourg and are accessible to all:

-that you want to train in kinesiology
-or add a tool to your professional practice
-or simply learn to balance the body's energies to feel better every day

Almost all kinesiology courses are based onthe Touch for Health (TFH) method.

Developed in the 1960s by chiropractors George Goodheart and John Thie, Touch for Health definesthe importance of posture and the interweaving of the three aspects of the human being: structural, nutritional and emotional.
It is based on the principle that any imbalance/stress located in the body manifests itself as "weak" muscles, i.e.'that is to say whose tone is lowered.
Through manual muscle testing, Touch for Health allows you to discover where energy is blocked and how to restore the situation using techniques borrowed from both Western and Eastern science:

•    neuro-lymphatic points
•    neurovascular points
•    the outline of the meridians
•    muscular maneuvers

This powerful method allows:

-    to learn to know your body better and to discover the circumstances (various stress, emotions, diet, visual problems, etc.) which unbalance the body and therefore, the muscular system. 

-    restore your energy balance, improve your posture, relieve chronic pain or recent.

-    to fully regain one's self-healing potential and relieve stress.

-    to help family and friends maintain good energy balance and good posture.

The overall Touch for Health training is made up of 5 modules of approximately 17 hours each:

  • TFH1

  • ​TFH 2

  • TFH3

  • TFH4

  • TFH 5Metaphors

At the end of TFH 4, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam (Profeciency) which gives rise to official certification from the International Kinesiology College. 

TFH 1 is an excellent basic course without necessarily having the desire to go further in this branch.


After a valuable experience in business for 10 years in France and Luxembourg, I wanted to: 

  • find more SENSE in my professional life

  • exercise a profession that leaves a large place for PLEASURE and WONDER

  • adopt a BALANCE between my job and my family life with my 4 children full of energy! 


Therefore, that’s naturally I chose to work as a kinesiologist for its benefits from which I have been able to receive and appreciate. This professional retraining has been made possible thanks to the support of MY TEAM - MY FAMILY !

I took up a professional training at the Institut Belge de Kinésiologie (IBK), created by Dominique Monette in 1986.

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Color for Health

Excellent complément au Touch For Health 1
Auto-équilibration des 14 systèmes énergétiques, entre autres par les couleurs. Cette formation constitue une toute autre manière d’apprendre les muscles et techniques d’équilibration vues lors du TFH 1.


Ce cours se centre sur la compréhension de notre fonctionnement énergétique. Cela nous permettra d’être plus précis, rapide et efficace dans nos équilibrages. 


Beaucoup de techniques additionnelles sont proposées dans ce cours. Nous aborderons le passionnant sujet de la réactivité, à savoir comment les muscles fonctionnent ensemble. 


Ce cours se centre sur la pratique et l’approfondissement du Touch for Health. 


 A chaque muscle, élément, fonction énergétique, méridien correspond un sens symbolique, une métaphore. 

 TFH Proficiency (examen) 

Durant ce cours, vous ferez une révision théorique et pratique complète du Touch For Health et vous passerez un examen écrit 

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