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My career path

After a valuable experience in business for 10 years in France and Luxembourg, I wanted to: 

  • find more SENSE in my professional life

  • exercise a profession that leaves a large place for PLEASURE and WONDER

  • adopt a BALANCE between my job and my family life with my 4 children full of energy! 


Therefore, that’s naturally I chose to work as a kinesiologist for its benefits from which I have been able to receive and appreciate. This professional retraining has been made possible thanks to the support of MY TEAM - MY FAMILY !

I took up a professional training at the Institut Belge de Kinésiologie (IBK), created by Dominique Monette in 1986.

E. de Pinieux (14 sur 25) Couleur-2.jpg

There, I took Kinesiology courses, as well as additional anatomy courses until I obtained my certificate in 2019. Since then, I’ve continued training regularly to guarantee a high level of quality.

The IBK places great importance to the practitioner’s ethic and deontology. Furthermore, The IBK is internationally renowned for his teaching’s quality. It has also hosted on numerous occasions famous teachers, who are often founders of Kinesiology’s branches. Every course taught at the Institute is recognized by the international bodies in the corresponding branch. The IBK’s also one of the professional campus of the IKC (International Kinesiology College).   

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