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The tools offered by Kinesiology make possible to fully involve the person in what is happening in him/her by a conscious self-observation, leading the person to become an actor of his/her own change. Among these disciplines, here are the ones I practice:


Developed by chiropractors George Goodheart and John Thie in the 60s, Touch for Health is based on the principle that any imbalance / stress located in the body is manifested by muscles tested as "weak", ie whose the tonus is lowered.  By manual muscle tests, Touch for Health, makes possible to discover the energetic blocked areas in the body and how to restore the situation with techniques borrowed from both Western and Eastern science. This powerful method permits to restore the energy balance, improve the posture, relieve the pain (chronic or recent), find its full potential for self-healing and stress relieving. 


Body Energy is a Kinesiology's branch focused on the person and was created by Dominique Monette in the early 2000s and is internationally recognized by the Personal Development School of the IKC in 2013. Thanks to metaphors corresponding to the imbalance identified by muscle test, the person becomes aware of the reasons why this imbalance, which is causing pain (physical and / or psychological), is present in his/her life. Depending on the person's objective, an appropriate balance is then proposed: awareness takes place through sensory feelings, emotions, images and thoughts that come up spontaneously, they are accompanied by a physical anchoring aimed at strengthening the person.


Core Kinesiology, created by Frank Mahony, aims to identify and relax "hypertonic" muscles, which are painful, weak and whose range of motion is reduced. These hypertonic muscles affect the integration of the body and the mind (particularly through the cerebrospinal fluid's circulation) but also our well-being. Our life experiences and emotions are saved into our body (sometimes nesting in a "host" muscle). Then it's possible to work very effectively with emotions by using symbol in line with Jung's "universal archetypes". This approach brings some very interesting tools for bodywork the accompaniment of athletes, musicians, pregnant women for example or to work on learning difficulties of all kinds and on the improvement of physical, mental, emotional capacities.  


Kinesiology is aimed at both adults and children (and even babies) who want to free themselves from tensions or blockages that can slow down their development and capacities. It allows:  

  • to improve physical and athletic performance

  • to improve interpersonal skills

  • to improve motor and cognitive learning, most academic difficulties in a general way

  • postural improvement 

  • energetic balance

  • stress and emotional management (e.g. facing an exam, a competition, a job interview, a performance in public, ect.)

  • life changes: separation, unemployment, mourning...  

  • relief of pain and tension.



At the start of the session, we will define your objective together according to your priority needs. The session can be performed in a sitting or standing position, but more generally lying down for reasons of comfort. In this case, you stay dressed and only take off your shoes. 

I use the muscle test to ask the body's memory where the states of stress are recorded. Likewise, the test allows the body/mind system to realize that imbalances associated with these states are corrected and a new positive behavior can take place. 


A Kinesiology session lasts approximatively 1 hour - 1hour 30 minutes for an adult and 45 minutes-1 hour for a child. There is generally an average of 3 to 5 sessions for a given objective. The sessions are usually spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart. There may be an "integration time" to the session, which may vary depending on the person and the goals. 

cabinet de kinésiologie : 30, rue Franz Liszt 1944 Luxembourg (Gasperich)


30, rue Franz Liszt

1944 Luxembourg (Gasperich)

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T: 691 925 461

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